PDC 2010

The Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is the definitive developer event focused on the technical strategy of the Microsoft developer platform. Attendees come from around the world to learn about the Microsoft developer platform directly from the people who make it happen.

The PDC is for developers, architects and technology leaders who are involved in making strategic technology decisions for their company or organization.


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  • ASP.NET + Packaging + Open Source = Crazy Delicious
  • Better Code Through Smart Assertions and Unit Tests
  • Building Scale-Out Database Solutions on SQL Azure
  • Real-World Analysis and Optimization of XNA Framework Games on Windows Phone 7
  • Lambdas, Lambdas Everywhere
  • Building High Performance Web Applications with the Windows Azure Platform
  • Taking Advantage of Pinned Sites with Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7
  • Windows Workflow Foundation Futures
  • The Future of F#: Data and Services at your Finger Tips