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The Discussion

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    How can i see the videos? they do not seem to be posted here. Ta

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    They will be up around the end of this week.

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    V1 post-production release has shipped:

    • The sample app is live.
    • The code can be found on GitHub.
    • The latest draft of the docs is ready for your review.

    See the backlog and track our progress on getting to V2 is here.

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    Glenn Block

    Great job guys! Just watched the video, explanations are very clear. +10000 to the transparency of the process!

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    Great work guys. Very interesting to hear you journey.

    In the future could you cover little discussed topics such as data import from legacy systems and event merging (statebox etc)

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    @Glenn and @redsquare

    Thank you, guys, for the kind words. Happy to see such an interest in our journey.

    Yes, we'll try to address the topics you've requested. Data migration is actuall the theme of our V2 pseudo-production release. We'll be reporting on that experience soon.

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    Thanks for the show and the hard work behind it. Great job sharing and glad to see the PnP team branch out like this.

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