Gadgeteering and the .NET Micro Framework

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The Discussion

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    Thanks for showing off the Meeblipiator! Nice job on the demos.

    For folks who would like to see a full demo of the Meeblipiator, you can check it out here:

    Meet the Meeblipiator

    Includes a link to the source code, and a blog post talking about the project.


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    I didn't answer the question about motor support about NETMF doesn't have any motor drivers built in, but there's plenty of code out there. In addition, there are motor shields and motor modules, most of which come with code.

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    Hi Pete,

      Great talk about Gadgeteer, really interesting MIDI stuff you have going.

      The vendor you spoke about in Europe but didn't name with the upcoming Gadgeteer main-board is Love Electronics.


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    Hello Pete!

    Probably I've missed something but let me ask. Is there a possibility to use with Visual Studio various ARM programmers/debuggers like, for example R-LINK from raisonance or U-LINK or J-LINK, ST-LINK?

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