Unicorns, Magic Phones, and the Mobile Web

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What is the relevance of the mobile web? Is it important to consider mobile devices when building web sites and web apps today? And aren't native apps for mobile device more important anyway? In this session, we'll address these questions as well as exploring some of the technical considerations that arise when building HTML5-based applications for the mobile web.






Unicorns, Magic Phones, and the Mobile Web



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The Discussion

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    El Bruno

    Great session !!! I like very much the ideas you present, and also the concepts behind the liike project. One small question, why github instead CodePlex?


    Regards : Big Smile

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    Thanks. At the time we chose github because we wanted to engage with the JavaScript/HTML5 community. Rather than asking them to come to us, we decided to go to them. However, I am not confident that the choice was as effective as we had hoped.

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