Phone & Web UX Tour Belgium

An inspiring day event on November 3, 2011, addressing User Experience and Development for the Web and Phone, with sessions delivered by top international speakers paired with local experts. We started off with a general session on Microsoft Design: Multiscreen experiences and the Future. After that we split into two rooms with a UX track and a Developer track.


  • Responsive Web Design: Get Started
  • Microsoft Design: Metro, Multiscreen Experiences, Kinect and the Future
  • Good JavaScript Habits
  • DESIGN. Visual, Interaction, Motion and Best Practices Windows Phone Apps.
  • BUILD. Make it XAML with Expression Blend – Windows Phone Apps.
  • 6 Things Every jQuery Developer Should Know
  • What is HTML5 and CSS3 and how can I use it today?
  • Bite on the Mango: what’s new in Windows Phone 7.5
  • Windows Phone Development Journey from Development to Publishing
  • REFINE: Best Practices.