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Where is PowerShell headed next? PowerShell is now an open source project that is being delivered not just on Windows but on Linux and Mac platforms as well. So what does that mean to this platform people have been so enthusiastic about?

Join Angel Calvo, the head of the PowerShell engineering team will present with Kenneth Hansen, the head of the PowerShell PM team, as they share their vision for the future of PowerShell.





The Discussion

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    As an avid supporter and implementer of DSC on Windows, its good news that the LCM will be Open Source,

    One of the things I'm missing most, is an orchestration layer. Workflows are too complex, I dont want to use Chef, I dont want to use

    Puppet(In fact 'm more into Ansible core ideas) but base Orchestration engine is very much needed, something that other apps and

    providers can build upon.



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    Nice. But I wish Microsoft will be able to donate again to the OpenBSD project this year... or on a yearly basis. :)

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    Hi gmfaust! It is a matter of fact...We just completed our annual donation to OpenBSD :)

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    @ArieH: Good feedback, thank you. One question to ask is: have you tried Azure Automation? The integration with Azure Automation & DSC is very good, and we are always improving.

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    @Angel, Wow! Thank you very much!!! OpenBSD and PowerShell are the only two technologies that I closely follow. :)

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    So awesome you guys are doing this and working hard in this directions. Rock on.

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