PowerShell 10th Anniversary Celebration Kickoff

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The Celebration begins! As surprising as it seems, PowerShell has been around for 10 full years, and has collected a huge and enthusiastic community of contributors.

Join Matt McSpirit and Keith Bankston as they give a brief introduction into the events for the day, highlighting the more cool & participation-oriented items along the way.





The Discussion

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    Happy Birthday MS Powershell!

    I've been a follower of Microsoft's evolution's for decades. From the days prior to MS-DOS 6.22 right up to Windows Server 2016 each product has gracefully led the charge into a new era of technology. Throughout it's life Powershell has grown to incorporate, accommodate and simplify every aspect of server management, each iteration increasingly becoming more sophisticated, effective and efficient.

    Congratulations Powershell ...Looking forward to another 10 years!

    Thanks to all involved both in the creation and maintenance of powershell and this event.


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    @Kaga:Thank you!

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