Sharing “Awesome” Across Multiple Screens with MVVM

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That thing where you build a phone app and you can just install it on a PC in addition to the phone you built the app for in the first place, yeah, it's not gonna happen.  By now you may already know that Windows Phone apps won't run on Windows 8.  Now, before you say "That is so stupid", here's the deal:  we did it on purpose.  Really, we did.  Not to tick you off, but more so because a phone app simply does not belong on anything other than a phone form factor.  Frankly, a phone app running on a PC is a rather ugly user experience.  Instead, we believe that developers should share the code and logic behind the scenes and create separate UIs for the phone and PC.  This session teaches you how you can make this code sharing ideal happen.  Using an architectural pattern known as MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel, not "mivvim") and a construct made easy in Visual Studio 2012 known as the Portable Class Library, we will teach you how to share the logic of your overall app idea across multiple platforms including Windows 8 and Windows Phone so that you can focus on creating a truly amazing experience via different UIs for those platforms rather than compromise the experience in favour of just plopping a phone app on a PC.

Alnur Ismail
My name is Alnur Ismail and I'm an Evangelist in the Developer and Platform Group at Microsoft. I'm excited to help businesses and developers leverage the full potential of the Microsoft platform. Prior to this role, I was a Program Manager on the Windows 8 XAML team based out of Redmond; I was responsible for the Input, Accessibility, Printing and Data Binding features of the  XAML user interface technology which helps developers easily build Metro style apps. I began my career at Microsoft as a Software Design Engineer using the Microsoft Web Platform. I then transitioned to a Program Manager role on Silverlight and was later asked to work on Windows 8. Before I joined Microsoft, I worked at Electronic Arts and launched my own e-business. I hold a Bachelors of Computer Science Honours from the University of Waterloo. I love technology so my job is also my hobby – in my spare time I build apps, solve problems and am always trying to improve the Microsoft platform for our customers











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