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Microsoft's mission is to help every person and business on the planet achieve more. Nothing is more important to achieving this mission than providing the tools that help developers and IT Professionals in Asia Pacific succeed, be inspired, gain access to technology, and in building a better future in APAC.

Hear directly from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella as he shares how Microsoft empowers students, developers, startups and ISVs partners in Asia Pacific in achieving the mission. We look forward to seeing you in our live broadcast.

This keynote session also features two prominent guest speakers from Microsoft:

Tackling the Growing Complexity in Software Development

Speaker: John Shewchuk

Companies and developers see an accelerating pallet of new software technologies: cloud computing; high-scale data streaming, analytics, and visualization; mobile and device integration; AR/VR, machine learning; natural language; and bots. All technologies that offer the potential to significantly improve the capabilities of software we create and use.  But to make effective use of these advances, including integrating these technologies with existing systems and maintaining and evolving the result is a challenging proposition, especially as our system become more complex.  In this talk we look at these trends and discuss ways organizations and developers can tackle this growing complex and deliver better, more capable software.

Machine Learning and Data Science: Data Into Intelligent Action

Speaker: Graham Williams

Data Scientists live and breathe data. We choose the best tools for that task from a vast array of ever changing tools. We turn data into information, information into discovered knowledge, and through wisdom the discovered knowledge is turned into intelligent action. Our tool suites include many open source software products. In this presentation we will review the foundations for today's Data Scientist's skill set, introducing the concepts behind machine learning, data mining, analytics and data science and the open source tool suite that has served us well over the past two decades. We will demonstrate today's Data Scientist's platform for bringing together data, tools, and visualisations, offering a managed end-to-end solution for production delivery. A key component is the incorporation of the most widely used data science toolkits available today: the open source R Statistical Software Package. We show how we can now share the power of R through the Cortana Intelligence Suite encompassing SQL Server 2016 R Services and Azure Machine Learning to empower developers to build and customize tomorrow's intelligent applications today.





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