JavaScript Development with John Papa

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It was great to pick John Papa's brain on JavaScript development practices. He primarily focuses on Angular 2 but also uses the time to explain some of the more important general principles behind building thse types of applications. It was really neat for me to be able to get a better grip on how to build an Angular 2 application while still adhering to proven development techniques such as testing, continuous integration, and the like. Here are some resources which should help get you started:





The Discussion

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    Hi John Papa! You should consider doing an interactive JavaScript Development session on

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    Up to min 10, while John was explaining how different stuff work on his laptop, video doesn't show that.

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    Thanks for the video, John Papa is such a great guy to watch.

    Question for John:

    At 00:25:20, you show how you use Gulp pipe to inject js files in HTML file using comments like:

    <!-- bower: js --> 

    <-- endbuild-->

    Why aren't you using ES6's import in the JS code ? The loader will load the necessary JS files to make imports work, or maybe I'm wrong? 
    Basically it's like the "using" in C# or "#include" in C++


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    another question, you're using Gulp vet to check for syntax errors, would be nice to have a plugin in VS Code to check that while you're writing code and show it in an output window below the editing window, like in Visual Studio

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    its always fun to watch and listen to john papa,

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