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I had he privilege of focusing on modern web development with Dan Wahlin. Our discussion centered around TypeScript, Angular 2, 5, and his general thoughts on web development today. It was certainly enlightening! Dan also has a lot of his work online at Github so make sure to check out his stuff.



The Discussion

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    Dan Wahlin is such a cool guy.

    What I love the most is that he was open to talk about different aspects and different frameworks. Being open minded is extremely important.

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    The different aspects in different framewoks is a concept that we would to be in cosideration when we program.

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    may i get the link to that video 23:10

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    Manav Sharma

    Thanks guys for a great talk. For a newbie in Web Dev (like me) hearing about TypeScript was exciting. Good flow of conversation as we touched things like Bower, Grunt, Gulp, Aurelia etc. Thanks again!

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