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Billy Hollis spent some time with me laying down the UX knowledge. He explains the actual monetary value associated with good design as well as some of ineffective things we do as developers. Throughout the whole discussion, he uses real examples direct from his past experience. He also spends some time showing off an application that implements these important UX design principles. It is always informative experience when I spend time with Billy Hollis. Below are some of the links he mentions during our time together.

As a final aside, take a look at the latest version of the Windows 10 Start Menu ;)


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The Discussion

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    Billy Hollis

    The link for the UX ROI article I mentioned early in the interview is here:

    Sorry I forgot to include it in the list of links I gave to Seth.


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    Deactivated User

    Thank you @Billy. Having studied engineering academically, when my turn to practice came industry was transitioning towards multimodal devices. While I've long way to cover improvising my store apps, your work is inspiration.

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