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    Angular2 is going to make web development so easy smartly ...

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    I swear this stuff just seems like such a train wreck. Microsoft's new approach seems to be, here's a lame editor that runs on multiple platforms. Go use it to write JavaScript in some other vendor's ****ty framework. Web development is becoming even more of a fiasco than it was in the old days. What's next, write everything in assembler? It would be easier than jumping through all these hoops. This is gibberish. Where are UI components like grid? I don't see myself switching to ASP.NET Core anytime soon. You may as well switch to some other saner platform at that point. Even Java is starting to look better.

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    Vikas Jain

    Hi All,

    nice stuff Scott.. :)

    Can anyone tell me, how can I setup development environment with Visual Studio 2015 Update 2, because I am having ("one or more tsconfig.json files detected. project properties are disabled").

    Please help me.

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    here's all the code he's talking about:



    with a link to the NDC Presentations (no video of the presentations found but you have the slides and the code! Enjoy!

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    @Rodney: Dude, I don't know who you are, but your remark is exactly my thoughts. The remark about Grid is spot on. There's a CSS Grid layout spec but it will take years until we'll be able to use that across a practical range of web browsers.

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    By the way, I was wondering, how does Scott Allen thinks about Aurelia recently?

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