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In this keynote, we will be learning about a champion. This champion is not human. It's not even alive. This champion is a robot. It is not fluent in six million forms of communication, nor can it plot hyperspace jumps. It cannot do anything other robots in science fiction do. This champion's name is Termite. Termite is the 11th robotic member of FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) Team 2052 KnightKrawler. This robot has seen it all: two regionals, three off-season events, Carson subdivision, and the championship field. This session is about KnightKrawler's 2016 season with Termite, my first year.

This session is also about the program that makes all of this possible: FIRST. It will include information for parents and kids on how to join this program to build robots. It will compare being on a FIRST team to being part of the workforce. It will also show people that building and programing robots is not as hard as it seems.







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