From 0 to 100,000: How Particle Failed, then Succeeded, then Scaled

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Most start-ups take a bit of time to find their footing. Particle (formerly known as Spark) got its start as a connected lighting company in 2012 making a product not unlike the Philips Hue. Today, in 2016, Particle does nothing of the sort. Instead, we're an Internet of Things platform - in fact, we're the most widely used IoT platform. And the journey we took from there to here may seem circuitous, but behind the scenes our business is the result of a logical set of steps that got us to a successful growing business.

In this session, I'll talk about my inspiration for starting Particle/Spark, our first failed Kickstarter campaign, the torturous few months that followed, our pivot, and our second (successful!) Kickstarter campaign that put us down the path we're on now. And then I'll talk about how we scaled.

You'll learn about:

  • Failure!
  • Pivots!
  • Manufacturing in China!
  • Investors!
  • Non-obvious business models!





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