Customer Showcase: How eBay built one integrated social network on SharePoint

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The rise of different enterprise social networks has made it difficult for companies to make a good decisive choice. Before you know it, your employees have joined these networks, some of which actually free! The key is to ensure you have one integrated social network without losing important information, the winning formula is to integrate and aggregate. In this session, you will learn how eBay managed to create one integrated social tool that connects to all! With a clear mission to Increase employee productivity, Foster employee engagement across the networks, Cultivate better employee connection and collaboration via very simple means of social and Remove information silos and boundaries and introduce a unified social network._x000D_ _x000D_ Other Visions_x000D_ *How search exposes social conversations at eBay_x000D_ *Strategy vs. Culture which one will drive your social and collaboration strategy?_x000D_ *Myth or Mystery: Does social really increase productivity?_x000D_ *Which social tool? Does it really matter?_x000D_ *OK, I get it, social is important, but how do I go about it? What are the waves of social_x000D_ *Is it really hard to measure success in social collaboration? We believe not. We will show simple and effective techniques to help you have a better ROI._x000D_ *How content, document and knowledge management are directly correlated to social media._x000D_ *Conversations or documents? Is search part of social or is there a new phenomenon as social search?_x000D_ *How did eBay gain executive sponsorship and user adoption_x000D_ *What was their phased approach and how did they apply their test and learn methodology_x000D_ *What were their overall achievements from their ESN deployment_x000D_ *What is on their ESN two-year roadmap


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