Industrial-Strength Results Meet Spreadsheet Agility: The Dramatic Reality of PowerPivot

Play Industrial-Strength Results Meet Spreadsheet Agility: The Dramatic Reality of PowerPivot
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Words like "transformative" and "disruptive" are used all the time to describe new technologies, but in reality, very few live up to the hype. In this session, you will learn that PowerPivot is the rare exception: a product that actually exceeds the lofty expectations set by its marketing. BI projects that typically would demand 6- or 7-figure budgets and 9-12 month timeframes can literally be accomplished in a matter of weeks with the resources you already have today. Simultaneously (and paradoxically), the capabilities of knowledge workers' favorite reporting and analysis tool are actually dramatically expanded rather than "reigned in". Rob Collie (CTO of MS Partner Pivotstream) will demonstrate that reality via real-world case studies. He will also explain WHY PowerPivot is able to deliver these kinds of results, and provide organizational best practices for maximizing your ROI, both on the desktop and on SharePoint. Rob will also provide live demonstrations of finished PowerPivot applications, the capabilities of PowerPivot in Excel 2013, and new features of SharePoint 2013 including the modern visualization techniques enabled by Power View.








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