Deep dive on Server to Server OAuth Identity Platform and how it enables cross-products and hybrid scenarios in SharePoint 2013

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Have you heard of Server to Server OAuth identity platform and how it enables new hybrid and server-to-server scenarios in SharePoint 2013? If you haven’t yet or you have heard only an overview and want to deep dive into it, this session is for you. Come and deep dive into how we engineered the authentication and identity platform in SharePoint 2013 with the platform patterns, primarily server-to-server and OAuth. Learn how this platform enables number of cross-product (i.e. SharePoint to Exchange/Lync) and hybrid (i.e. SharePoint Online to SharePoint on-premise or vice versa) scenarios in SharePoint 2013 and how you can also achieve similar scenarios using this platform. This session will provide you with unique and never heard security and identity information pertain to SharePoint 2013 that will help you to win customers and develop next generation applications using S2S OAuth to talk to SharePoint 2013.









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