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Join Jeff Teper and the Microsoft SharePoint team for the opening keynote of SharePoint Conference 2014. The keynote will introduce the main themes of the conference and highlight new innovations across SharePoint, Yammer and Office 365.








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The Discussion

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    Robert Kocher

    Looking forward to keynote and wishing I was there!

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    did the event start? I cannot watch it.

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    Just started in Vegas - feed has not started.

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    Guess the feed has ended?

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    looking forward for this 

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    Will we be able to see the Keynote with Bill Clinton later. I was watching and would like to see it again in order to finish it. 

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    Rob Kocher

    Just tried to watch the video. Had to change my settings to HTML5 instead of auto and video played.

    If you missed Mr. Clinton, you're SOL! They edited him out of the video.

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    Daniel Smon

    Why was Bill edited out? Would have been great to hear what he had to say, given how much it was publicised.

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    @Daniel Smon: Hey folks, I completely agree... President Clinton's talk was great, but sadly the nature of his speaking arrangement was for the in-person and 'live' web streaming only. While I don't personally know why this is necessary, it is actually a very common clause that speakers include. End result, we can't provide his talk here on the site. I wish you had been able to make the live stream or get there in person!


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    Daniel Smon

    Thanks Duncanma. It would have been good to know that in advance. Had I known that it was live only, I would probably have made the effort to view it live. Perhaps that information should be better advertised in the future - ideally in the big banner with the speaker's headshot! :)

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    This most certainly is not the keynote. Can you please bring the original Video of the keynote back?

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    Guys, not seeing the keynote on this link any more... Please fix.

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    What happend? First the Sharepoint keynote where not there but where broadcasted on the SharePoint 2014 site it was available. Now when I have linked to it MS has replaced it with some crap?

    Also the Safari detection to switch to HTML5 does not work and video never show, you need to manually switch.

    channel9 should be retiered.

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    Again - where has the keynote gone - managed to watch half of it yesterday - come back today and it's gone

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    Hi everyone, I have reported the video issue to the Channel 9 team and they are looking into it. Very sorry for the inconvenience.

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    The video is fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    You can view Clinton's speech here:

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    View Clinton's full speech here:

    Clinton's Keynote speech

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    Sorry, but I thought Clinton's Keynote was rambling without energy, inspiration, or relevance.  He obviously thought he was speaking to Microsoft employees.  He dropped the names Bill Gates and Hillary so often that I thought they would have to sweep the floor ahead of the next speaker.

    I would hope that Microsoft would pick speakers based on their relevance rather than their celebrity.  For instance, Satya Nadella would have been a great choice to share where he intends to take Microsoft and how SharePoint fits into his vision for the company's future as well of the 'any device' strategy. SharePoint is a huge piece of Microsoft's income, surely he could carve out some time for us.

    Full disclosure: I have never been a Clinton fan, and I think that any officer of any company that got caught taking sexual advantage of an intern would be labeled a predator and fired.  That said, I always thought he was an engaging communicator... not so at the conference.

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    wanna watch it!

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