Advanced-and Easy!-BI with Excel and SQL Server Data Mining

Play Advanced-and Easy!-BI with Excel and SQL Server Data Mining
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Predictive Analytics is the hottest subject in BI. It uncovers hidden, yet valuable patterns in your data. For example, with a few clicks in Excel, and with the power of SQL Server behind it, you can discover which demographic characteristics drive your customers' profitability. Or, using a different model, you can judge the creditworthiness of a business transaction. Or, you can predict which sale is likely to fall-through, or even predict fraud, or churn. Or, with a powerful dependency network visualisation, you can find out which of your products are truly pivotal to your business, best of all, looking at them from your shoppers' perspectives. This session will start with an overview of the amazingly powerful Microsoft data mining client that is available, free of charge, in Excel. Afterwards, we will take a tour-de-force of the most important analytical techniques included by Microsoft, looking at Decision Trees, Association Rules, Clustering (for outlier detection), Sequence Clustering, and Neural Networks. No prior knowledge or experience is required, as everything will be explained. If you have always wanted to know what advanced analytics with data mining is about, attend this demo-driven session, and let Rafal share his extensive experience, and his infectious enthusiasm, for this lesser-known but hugely useful technology, for which Microsoft has even bigger plans in the near future.





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