Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms

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    Juan Pineiro

    With SPD 2013 Design view gone , we really need an independent Data View Web Part based on this new Form product. Something that lets us WYSIWYG format a webpart with joined data sources including SP Lists and oData sources. Include features to enable easy rich formatting of the View elements with fonts, highlight, vertical and horizontal seperators. Allow us to add dynamic fields and links that use expressions of the data source. All us to use User profile information of the person running the view. This would also be extremely valuable in SPO where we don't have SSRS. Thank You.

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    I enjoyed this open session. As so many times the q&a is as interesting as the presentation. I do wonder about the statement that we are not losing InfoPath client. Will it continue to run side by side with Office 2015 installed? Installing products from say Office 2007 & 2013 on one machine was not always a success ("please wait while we configure office"  on start)

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    Michael Potter

    Infopath being xml migration shoud not be that bad???

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