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Search isn't just about the text box and 10 blue links anymore. There are a myriad of integration options for consuming the advanced search capabilities in SharePoint 2013. Learn the benefits and tradeoffs of the various SharePoint Search API's and how search can be integrated into your solutions in more interesting and less conventional ways allowing you to build dynamic applications that harness the full power of search in SharePoint 2013._x000D_ This session will provide an introduction to the JavaScript, .NET and REST search API's in SharePoint and demonstrate how and when to use the different API's when building advanced applications on SharePoint. This session will demonstrate how to use query language to build advanced queries, use the various API's to sort and filter (using refiners) and provide tips, tricks and recommended practices for using these search API's. While the demo application itself will be built using the SharePoint App model, the techniques and development models showcased are applicable to any application consuming search services from SharePoint.



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