Best practices for maintaining and updating a SharePoint App

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Update: Microsoft's guidance about app updating has changed since this video was made. The video is still valuable as an overview of the process and how your update logic should be designed. However, you should disregard particular details of code and XML markup. Some of it is no longer recommended. Instead, see the MSDN topic "App for SharePoint update process" and it's child topics.

Eventually nearly all apps for SharePoint will need to be updated, either to fix a bug or to add new features. The process can be surprisingly tricky and there are several gotchas developers need to be aware of. For example, there are scenarios in which a developers update logic must catch errors, but there are certain situations where the logic must deliberately NOT catch the errors. You need to plan for these gotchas when designing the first version of the app. Moreover, the update story varies depending on the type of app (SP-hosted, provider-hosted or autohosted), and on whether it is multi- or single-tenant. Depending on the architecture of the app, you may need to create update logic in some, or ALL, of the following T-SQL, CAML, JavaScript, and managed code. This session will shed light on the trickery and make the illogical, logical. 



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