Anthony D. Green

Anthony D. Green is a Program Manager on the Managed Languages (VB/C#/F#) team at Microsoft in Redmond. A life-long Chicago-native, Anthony joined the Visual Basic team late in the Visual Studio 2010 release. Since then he has been working on the future of VB and C# on the "Roslyn" project; rewriting the VB & C# compilers (in VB and C#) and exposing powerful APIs for building syntactic and semantic analysis tools, diagnostics, and refactorings. Prior to joining Microsoft, Anthony worked in Chicago as a software consultant for three years using a variety of technologies in the Microsoft stack including .NET (WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF), Office, SQL Server, and Dynamics CRM, and for several years before that as an in-house developer/technician. Anthony has been programming in QBasic and Visual Basic since age 13, and has been an impassioned member of the VB.NET community since 2004. You can find Anthony on IRC @ irc:// and the VB team blog @