Blake Stone

Blake Stone is proud to be a part of the whirlwind of creative thought at Microsoft and is currently serving as an architect in the .NET developer platform. At present he is focused on introducing patterns for building extensible software in .NET, working closely with the leadership of Visual Studio to embrace these patterns, and working with executive leadership at Microsoft to maintain a compelling vision of the future of software development. As a tool-builder at heart, throughout his career Blake has focused on elegant solutions to complex problems. That 25-year path led from assembly to high level languages through object-oriented development to component based systems and garbage collected virtual machines. The move to .NET is just a natural step along his search for easier ways to solve bigger problems in software. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2002 Blake spent six years at Borland serving as architect of JBuilder and later as CTO. Before that a decade of consulting put him solidly in touch with the enterprise development market. Blake is a passionate presenter and has been a featured speaker at conferences around the world.