As corporate vice president and director of Windows Phone Program Management, Joe Belfiore is responsible for the design and software product definition of forthcoming generations of Windows phones and Zune devices. A huge consumer advocate, Joe has spent his career working to make technology products easier to use and more delightful. Before moving to the Windows Phone team, Belfiore was corporate vice president of Zune Software and Services, where he and his team built the Zune experience in use today on PCs, the Web, Xbox, and on Windows phones. For the six years prior to his work on Zune, Joe ran the "eHome" Division of Windows where he was responsible for design, development, business management and marketing of Windows Media Center and related devices, including Media Center Extender. Also during his tenure with Windows, he served as product unit manager for the Windows User Experience team throughout the planning and development of Windows XP. In that role, he was responsible for the overall user experience of Windows - both as a manager of the engineering and design team that created most of the Windows XP user interface and also as a key driver of positive user experiences across all versions of the Windows operating system. Arriving at Microsoft fresh out of Stanford University, in 1990 Belfiore began his career as a program manager on OS/2. Shortly afterward, he drove the design of the first Windows NT user interface, then became the lead project manager for the user interface of Windows 95. He then acted as group program manager for Internet Explorer 4 and the Windows 2000 user interface before beginning his work on Windows XP.