Joe works in the SQL Server engine team focused on the stretch database project with the goal to transparently extend SQL Server databases to the cloud while retaining full control on-premises. Before this, he worked on security and provisioning for PowerBI's backend services from inception to public release. Joe cut his database teeth on Oracle serving hard time as a developer then DBA. One too many ORA-01555 later, he joined Microsoft to work in the SQL Server product group and in the field with customers and partners on VLDB, high availability and migrations. After almost a decade of "harsh" Redmond campus lifestyle, Joe moved on to amass 1.4million flight miles in 6 years with a database consulting company as Chief Architect working on scalability, consolidation, performance, virtualization and migration. He was also lead architect for the SQL Server 2005 and 2008 upgrade and application compatibility testing tools and program. When not working with SQL Server, Joe tries to onsight 5.11s or cure his 2-year old Australian Labradoodle's obsession with squeaky tennis balls (the latter sometimes makes transparent scale-out and DQ issues seem trivial in comparison).