Kristian Bengtsson

Bengtsson, Creative Director of FutureLab, has a degree in interaction design which he collected at the School of Arts and Communication at Malmö University in Sweden. Bengtsson has always had a firm belief that interaction design also needs to be approached on a meta level, where it's about understanding and designing strategies and organizational structures that fluently interacts with the core business. 'If the components and elements of the organization isn't well designed and interacts smoothly, it seems almost useless to me having applications or websites that does. They might be great, but they might as well be great in the wrong context...', Bengtsson says. Coming from an interaction design background Bengtsson believes there are two 'truths' that needs to come to an end; (the myth about) the gap between designers and developers and the thinking outside the box-idea. He believes they just confirm the stuckiness that has its firm grip on too many companies and individuals. From working with large Swedish companies like the Swedish Experience Industry and Ikanobanken (the online bank of IKEA), he is still amazed by the old-school thinking that still applies in many organizations. And that is partly why Bengtsson and Kelly Goto decided to co-develop a methodology that helps people and organizations to get unstuck and unfold the creativity within.