Marc Canter

Marc Canter is one of the most recognized people in the sphere of open standards, social networks and blogging, and he has been interviewed and quoted on the subject matter in numerous publications. Marc is a frequent speaker and panelist at conferences such as Web 2.0, SuperNova, Gnomedex, AlwaysOn Innovation, SXSW and many others. Marc is also a contributer to many open standards efforts and is champion for end-user controlled digital identities and content - being a co-founder of the Identity Gang. Over the years Marc has also traveled all over the world, consulting to global corporations (AOL, EMI, PCCW, Reuters, T-W, Sony, JVC, Fujitsu, Telecom Italia, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Kalieda Labs and many others) and has written on the multimedia industry and burgeoning world of micro-content publishing and social networking. He is the founder and CEO of Broadband Mechanics, a digital lifestyle aggregator (DLA) company. Marc started MacroMind - which became Macromedia.