Michael Wolf

A thirteen year veteran of developing web applications, Michael was an early adopter of Rich Internet technologies, developing solutions for initial betas of ASP.net, AJAX , Microsoft WPF/Silverlight, and the Microsoft Surface. As Principal Architect for Cynergy’s Microsoft practice Michael has presented on stage with Microsoft at both MIX 09 as well as TechEd 09. In addition acting as Technical Lead Michael’s team won the first Microsoft Phizzpop National Design Challenge, beating a field of 30 of the top design firms in the country. Michael has also developed several enterprise WPF / Silverlight / Surface applications for companies from Startups , to Broadcast Television, to Fortune 500 companies. When not in front of a computer, Michael can be found with his wife and 2 children in their row home in baltimore, or playing in a diy punk band Blog: http://www.cynergysystems.com/blogs/page/michaelwolf