I’ve been with Microsoft for twelve plus years, last two with Security and Identity team, Windows Core. My primary focus is on strong user authentication, PKI and Crypto for all Windows client products. This area becomes increasingly important in the recent years as a the security landscape is changing rapidly. Passwords related targeted attacks have escalated and entered into the public consciousness with successful, high-profile cases on very many companies. Furthermore, the social media has driven cybercriminals to focus their efforts on highly-sophisticated, legitimate-looking scams via sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Living Social, the list goes on and on, to steal user passwords, users data, and further spread malware. We have to stop it. Prior to joining security and identity team, I was working on mobile augmented reality areas with Bing Mobile team, and on the server land, Virtualization and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Prior to joining Microsoft, I was a developer and architect with HP, working on High Availability and Clustering, Print and all–in–one kernel drivers. I also worked at Scitex, Israel, writing kernel drivers and firmware for multi-OS systems to support high quality digital publishing and rendering systems working in tandem with digital presses, plotters, and scanners.