Regan has been working in the IT industry for over 15 years, with most of that time spent delivering CRM and xRM solutions to a diverse range of clients. While traditional CRM systems have figured in the list of over 50 implementations that Regan been involved with, xRM applications in areas such as Membership, Fundraising, Finance, Job Tracking, Telco and Trainee Management systems have been prevalent. A CRM solution is often required to work hand-in-hand with other systems so integration can be a large factor in determining the success of a system. Integration is one area where Regan has considerable expertise and experience and some of the successful integration projects he has worked on include call centre, supply chain, ERP, web self-service, corporate intranet and content management system integrations. Regan is employed as CRM Solution Architect for OA System Ltd and is based in Auckland. OA Systems Ltd have been delivering highly flexible CRM, xRM and BI solutions to a broad range of clients for twenty years.