Tim Wood

Tim Wood, Director of User Experience, EffectiveUI, tim.wood@effectiveui.com, 585.503.2897. Tim Wood was formerly Creative Director for Design Innovation & Advanced Development at Eastman Kodak Co. where he spent the past 10+ years designing and producing interactive products and services across a number of different platforms. Beginning with web based applications and services, to interactive retail services and finally consumer electronics, he has consistently sought to elevate design and user experience with all the projects he has been engaged in. His education and professional career have allowed him to build considerable knowledge as technologist with extensive experience in software development and product commercialization processes. This knowledge and insight as a technologist combined with a passion for design has fueled an inherent desire to innovate and promote progressive methods for interaction design. Tim has received international recognition for creativity and design excellence and has been an invited speaker at noted design conferences. In addition to being active in the design community, Tim consults with both web/software startups and Fortune 500 companies regarding user experience and user interface design.