Todd Baginski

Todd Baginski is a ten-time Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP and SharePoint Top 25 Influencer whose work focuses on Microsoft SharePoint, Mobile, Office, and cloud technologies. Todd is the VP of SharePoint and Mobility Solutions at Canviz Consulting where he leads the SharePoint and Mobility divisions. Todd and his team build cutting edge mobile applications, line of business applications, and web sites for Microsoft and other clients as well. Todd and his team work closely with Microsoft to create MSDN Code Samples and training kits to help SharePoint developers quickly ramp up with the appropriate patterns and approaches. Currently Todd is the SharePoint Architect for the Microsoft Partner Network web site ( and his team handles all aspects of development and testing as the site is enabled for mobile devices and upgraded to SharePoint 2013. In his free time Todd enjoys playing with his son, relaxing with his wife, and playing a variety of sports like skiing, lacrosse, hockey, and softball.