Vineet Thuvara is a program management leader on the Surface team at Microsoft. Most recently Vineet led the mechanical engineering and industrial design program management for Surface Pro 3 and is currently leading the Surface accessories portfolio. After running his own Industrial Design start-up for several years serving international clients, he has been with MS for over 8 years – with previous roles including Windows Sever technical product manager, global launch lead, chief-of-staff role in Server and Tools, and program manager on Xbox Kinect team. Vineet holds an SM in engineering and management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Masters in Industrial Design from Indian Institute of Technology, and a Bachelors in Mechanical engineering. He is recipient of the prestigious Patrick McGovern Award for Entrepreneurship from MIT, Hindu-Hitachi Scholarship for study at the Hitachi Design Center in Japan, European Commission scholarship for Eco-Design to TU Delft University, and is co-author of Life-Cycle Engineering Manual for Indian Industry. He loves to sketch and paint, and lives in Seattle Washington with his wife and two daughters.