Zachary Jean Paradis

Zachary Jean Paradis is an innovation strategist and author working for the human-centered technology consultancy Sapient. Through the use of his background in design, business, social sciences, and technology, Zachary works with companies to become successful innovators and utilize design and design thinking as a strategic asset as manifested in better products, a flexible process, and open culture. He has worked with start-ups and Fortune 100 companies including clients such as, Associated Press, Citadel Investments, Microsoft, Miller Brewing, RadioWave, RollingStone, SAP, Unilever, Universal Music Group, Yahoo!, among others. Zachary holds undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Psychology from the University of Chicago as well as a Master of Design from the IIT Institute of Design. He recently authored Naked Innovation, a book outlining an interdisciplinary theory and practice for people who do new product and service development. It is set to be published in 2008. Until then, you can keep up with his ramblings at