Aleš Holeček

Aleš Holeček is a Distinguished Engineer on the Windows team. Holeček joined Microsoft in 2006 at the early stages of Vista and quickly became a leader on the development team and helped to bring Windows Vista to completion. As the leader of the Windows Experience development team for Windows 7, Holecek has been instrumental in the work on performance, quality and overall excellence of engineering achieved in the project. He has also been a strong manager and leader across the entire Windows development community. Prior to joining Microsoft, Holecek achieved significant success in the area of computer graphics. He began his career at MetaCreations where he worked on both Kai’s Power Tools and Bryce, both leading edge graphics products of the time. He co-founded ViewPoint, where he led the development of a rich, high-quality media and graphics runtime for the web. ViewPoint was used by many companies to provide consumers an interactive and graphics experience for products and media. Holecek served as director of development, senior vice president of engineering and also chief technology officer. Holecek is a native of the Czech Republic and earned both a B.A. and M.S. in Computer Science from Czech Technical University, Prague CZ.