Bambo Sofola

Bambo Sofola is the Partner Director of Software Engineering for the Windows Fundamentals team, part of Windows and Devices Group.  Under his leadership, his team is responsible for Windows Community, Windows Deployment as well as Application and Device Compatibility. The Fundamentals team also has the privilege of owning the Business Data Insights and Diagnostics team which uses data to delight consumers with outstanding Performance and Reliability starting in the first hour of customer usage in the newest Windows products.

Bambo joined Microsoft as a Customer Support Engineer supporting Windows 3.x family products.   Staying true to his roots as a Customer Support Engineer, Bambo has continually championed the customer experience for the products he has shipped, spanning Windows for consumers, enterprise and Windows Embedded.

Bambo's partnerships with OEMs, IHV and other industry partners have led to increased quality and efficiencies in manufacturing products and process.    Products such as Defender or Enterprise Data Protection  have helped increase Enterprise security while improvements in Deployment, Compatibility, and Manageability have reduced cost and improve effectiveness of Enterprise IT.   Bambo's work with hardware and OEM have driven improvement in hardware manufacturing design and processes, improving cost for partners as well as Microsoft.  
Underlining everything Bambo does on a daily basis to ensure product excellence, is his heartfelt desire to build and maintain high functioning software development teams who deliver quality products and solutions that delight customers.