Chris Ford

Business Director at Pixar Animation Studios (Walt Disney Co)
Chris Ford is the real deal when it comes to CGI. Making authentic, photo-realistic computer graphics has been a career long project. For more than 25 years Chris has been one of masterminds behind the film industry's most stunning visually enhanced images. Software applications managed by Chris have been awarded two Academy Awards for technological achievement and he is credited in ten feature films. Chris has been the Product Manager for many of the best known modelling, animation, and rendering software tools used to design special effects and animation for films. During his tenure as Senior Product Manager at Alias|Wavefront (SGI) he introduced the market to Maya; the world's leading professional digital content creation software. From there on as Director of Product Management at Autodesk, he went on to manage the widely used 3ds max, and is currently Business Director for the film industry's leading photorealistic rendering software, RenderMan, at Pixar/Disney. When Chris isn't helping to create beautiful computer graphics he shifts his gaze to the wonder of outer space. Using advanced visualisation techniques he animates images of the cosmos for educational purposes. As Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, time he spends away from his computer is absorbed again with images of real beauty.