Chris White

Chris White is a Senior Program Manager with Microsoft, and owns the Kinect for Windows SDK and the program to bring the Kinect V2 sensor to Windows. Chris started at Microsoft in 1999, as a developer on Microsoft Office. He worked on Office in various roles for the next seven years, with the last three spent on the security dev team. His work on customer service, security, privacy led to multiple awards, including an Engineering Excellence Award, and a Trustworthy Computing Award. Also, one of his projects will be included as a language construct in an upcoming revision of the C Language standard. Although he is no longer a developer by job title, he still writes code almost every day. In 2006, Chris moved to the Program Management discipline, and joined a startup inside Microsoft focused on Health Care. He launched the first versions of the HealthVault personal health platform, and of HealthVault Community Connect, before diving down to drive the application platform architecture for Microsoft’s Amalga platform, an enterprise level application platform for hospitals and other Health Systems. In 2012, Chris joined Kinect and is currently plugging away at teaching computers to see and hear and understand everything in the world around them. Chris has been awarded 12 patents, with many more pending. In his “spare” time, Chris generally stays ridiculously busy. He has studied animation (2 of his student videos have over 1 MM hits on youtube), written digital synthesizers, done research in audio analysis with a focus on automatic DJ software, and written time-shifting code that shipped in Kinect Adventures (before he worked on Kinect). He is also an elite competitive ultimate player, a DJ, a Burner, and an installation artist. One of his pieces (The Groovik’s Cube) is currently on display at the Liberty Science Center, at the beginning of its 7 year, 30 museum world tour.