Denise Branch

Denise is the passionate Director of Gender Inclusion, Equality & Capital at Support Women Startups, a nonprofit technology startup innovated for inclusion. Her mission is increasing the percentage of women intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs in every industry of technology's 21st century new collar jobs and new innovation economy full stop. Denise's laser focused advocacy on women's equity and inclusion in technology and innovation discusses the importance of the female perspective in Stem and innovation translating to advances in society, technology, healthcare, and government that we’re not seeing in the world today. She is also a gender dialogue expert, women tech evangelist, inclusion strategist, advisor & advocate for Women Startups, Women in Technology and Diversity. Denise has also mentored hundreds of women startups in every industry of business and distributed women's empowerment online and off to inspire women in every industry, everywhere. In her own words when you support women, you support families, communities, companies and countries.