Ed Horley is a Principal Solutions Architect at Groupware Technology in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ed is actively involved in IPv6 serving as the co-chair of the California IPv6 Task Force http://www.cav6tf.org/ and additionally helping with the North American IPv6 Task Force http://www.nav6tf.org/ He has presented at the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Summit and the North American IPv6 Summit in addition to co-chairing and presenting at the annual gogoNETLive IPv6 conference in Silicon Valley. Ed is a current Microsoft MVP (first awarded back in 2004) and has spent the last 15+ years working in networking as an IT Professional. He is actively involved in the Pacific IT Professionals users group http://www.pacitpros.org/ - the largest IT Pro user group in Northern California. Ed enjoys Umpiring Women's Lacrosse when he isn't playing around on IPv6 networks. He maintains a blog at http://www.howfunky.com/ where he covers technical topics of interest to him.