Emily Lewis

Emily Lewis is a freelance web designer of the standardista variety, which means she gets excited about things like valid POSH, microformats and accessibility. As part of her ongoing quest to spread good word about standards, she writes about web design on her blog, A Blog Not Limited, and is a contributing writer for ScriptJunkie, .net magazine and MIX Online. She's also the author of Microformats Made Simple and a contributing author for O'Reilly's forthcoming HTML5 Cookbook._x000D_ _x000D_ Emily is also passionate about community building and knowledge sharing, which is why she co-founded and co-managesWebuquerque, the New Mexico Adobe User Group for web practitioners. She is also an instructor for University of New Mexico's Continuing Education web design certification program, and speaks at conferences all over the country, including In Control, Voices That Matter and SXSW._x000D_