Frank Savage

Frank Savage is a Partner Development Lead working with the Xbox Quality team. He has been in the game development industry since 1991 when he worked on Strike Commander at Origin Systems. After leading the development of Wing Commander 3, Frank moved to FASA Interactive and completed MechCommander before Microsoft acquired the company in 1999. After finishing MechCommander 2 at Microsoft, he joined the Xbox Advanced Technology Group in 2001 in time to enjoy the last 6 months of shipping the first Xbox. Frank joined the XNA team in 2004 and was the development manager for the first three versions of XNA Game Studio. Frank left Microsoft in 2009 and worked as an Independent game developer for three years building Jumala at Blade Games before returning to Microsoft in 2012, just in time to start working on Xbox One. During the run up to launch, he ran Team Hemi delivering gaming insights to the Xbox One Platform Team and working games to validate the Xbox One. Frank now owns Developer Quality from the XDK to Certification for the Xbox program.