Gaurav Nigam

Gaurav Nigam Principal Engineer - Workboard Gaurav is end-to-end product developer (full-stack engineering and user experience) and insight driven engineer who takes on wide view of the whole system. He has delivered some of important innovations at Workboard and has been contributing in various stack of the product. He has expertise in platform and infrastructure development, distributed communication with the agent technologies, messaging systems, extensive APIs, machine learning and robust UI frameworks. He began his career with IBM Software Labs while closely working with customers' advocates which helped him in developing greater understanding that the customer is the most focused entity of an organization can have, and is since then driven by end to end solution and customer-driven focus, ideals and experience. With IBM, he filed 6 patents around smarter documentation and product configuration. Currently he leads Workboard's chatbot development across different channels, architecting and implementing scalable API solutions and strategic integrations with the enterprise products.