Aung Oo

Aung Oo is head of the product for Azure Disks and Files in the Azure Storage Engineering team. In this role, Aung and his team are responsible for overall business for Azure Disks and Files including product strategy, business growth, customer engagements, and delivering new features. In addition to leading Azure Disks and Files, Aung's team is also responsible for Azure Storage availabity, reliability, and Storage hardware design & enablement. Aung is a Microsoft veteran and has specialized in various technologies from distributed systems, cloud storage, commerce platform, and directory/identity management. Aung is passionate about engaging with customers and partners, and a regular presenter of Azure Storage at Microsoft conferences. Outside of work, Aung is a food aficionado of Seattle food scene. Aung also enjoys running, travelling, dining out, reading, playing chess, volunteering, and watching college basketball & Premier league soccer games.