Gurdeep Pall

Gurdeep Pall joined Microsoft in January 1990 as a software design engineer. He has worked on many breakthrough products in his tenure starting with Windows NT in the areas of networking and communications. Gurdeep heads up Engineering, Products and Operations for Skype and Skype for Business. Prior to that Gurdeep lead the Information Platform & Experience team responsible for vision, product strategy and R&D for Cortana, Bing services and platform that includes mobile, mapping, and speech. Gurdeep Pall was named one of the "15 Innovators & Influencers Who Will Make A Difference" in 2008 by Information Week. He co-authored "Institutional Memory Goes Digital," which was published by Harvard Business Review as part of "Breakthrough Ideas for 2009" and subsequently presented at the World Economic Forum 2009 in Davos. Pall holds more than 20 patents in networking, VoIP and collaboration areas.