Henrik Lykke Nielsen

I have experience from a wide range of software development projects, where I have worked as a developer, software architect, project manager, mentor as well as an advisory consultant. Most of my professional career has centered around Microsoft's development platform and since the year 2000 I has specialized in Microsoft's .NET platform, where I among other things work with teaching, software architecture, web services, component based frameworks, reuse and best practices for software development.

Over the years I have - together with others - spend a lot of time and energy engaging and building the Danish Microsoft development community and in line with that I am Microsoft Regional Director for Denmark – Microsoft's selected partner in connection with their strategies towards Danish developers.


Email: lykke@captator.dk

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/henriklykkenielsen

Twitter: twitter.com/dotHenrik

Facebook: facebook.com/dotHenrik

Website: captator.dk

Blog: captator.dk/dothenrik