James Pinkerton

Jim Pinkerton is currently an architect in the File System Team (FST) within the Windows Server Division of Microsoft, working on advanced scale-out file servers and the Windows 8 continuous availability pillar. He has helped architect a next generation file access protocol (SMB2) which supports high performance fabrics such as RDMA, peer-to-peer distributed access, and highly optimized WAN/branch office access. Previously at Microsoft he was an architect in the Windows core networking team, working on Scalable Networking technologies and advanced network device interfaces such as RDMA, IPSec, RSS, and the Chimney architecture. Jim has helped create standards within SNIA, IETF, ANSI T11, InfiniBand Trade Association, and the RDMA Consortium, including co-chairing some of the technical working groups and authoring some of the specifications. He has helped create industry interop events through both SNIA and the UNH IOL iWARP Consortium. Prior to Microsoft, Jim was a principal engineer at Silicon Graphics, working on high speed networking, storage, and HPC. Jim has a B.S.E.E from MIT and a Master's in CS from the University of New Mexico.