Jan Babst

Jan has been programming C++since the late 1990’s when the ink on the C++98 standard was still wet. He once submitted a naïve implementation of std::valarray using expression templates to libstdc++, which actually made it into a review but is now long forgotten. Since 2003 he is working at Elektrobit (then named 3Soft) which over the years turned from a software development service provider to a major player in the automotive software business. For a long time he has been working in various roles for customer navigation projects. At the beginning of 2017 he took on a new challenge in the development of software and people for the new Adaptive AUTOSAR standard in Elektobit’s car infrastructure domain. Jan is regularly training colleagues in C++ and coordinates the in-house training program for C++ at Elektrobit. He also contributes to the C++ Coding Guidelines within the Functional Safety feature team of the AUTOSAR consortium.